Tenga New Standard Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack Masturbator Set Details

Tenga Easy Beat New Standard 6 Pack Masturbator Pack


You may already be familiar with Tenga Eggs which set off a revolution of single-use, discreet male masturbators but did you know there is a New Standard?  Tenga set off to create an entirely new category of toys for men when they created the original Tenga Easy Beat Egg Masturbator 6 pack and now they've even improved on that.  The newest collection of eggs by Tenga is the Easy Beat New Standard 6 pack which has all of the same amazing features as the original set but now with new more aggressive textures.


Included Egg Styles
  • Wavy II 2 Sleeve - The texture of the Wavy 2 egg is even more aggressive than the original Wavy Egg. Thicker ridges and deeper grooves provide more intensity.  With each stroke of the egg, you will feel constant stimulation and pleasure.
  • Boxy Sleeve - This Boxy Sleeve is a super tight egg that has soft yet sharp edges that prickle your shaft as it slides you into orgasm.  The deeper texture ensures a tight fit on your penis.
  • Brush Sleeve -  The Brush Egg has dozens of prongs that mimic a hairbrush.  The soft rounded tips are designed to stimulate your shaft while teasing the tip of your penis.
  • Tornado Sleeve - Just as the name suggests, this sleeve is spiraled and shaped like a tornado.  The ultra-aggressive texture forms to the contours of your penis, ensure maximum satisfaction during use.
  • Sphere Sleeve - A truly unique texture, the Sphere Egg has many textured balls that are like bumps that line the edges.  Each ball or sphere has ribs on top of them for a tight and aggressive feel.  Grip tightly and you are sure to experience an out-of-this-world pleasure.
  • Silky II 2 Sleeve - Similar to the original Silky Egg, the Silky 2 has dozens of rows of ribs. The difference is that the Silky 2 ribs don't just run horizontally anymore. These ribs run in many different directions make sure to keep your penis happy and guessing what comes next.


Tenga New Standard Egg Set Features


  • The newest set of Tenga Eggs for beginners and experts alike
  • Includes 6 new styles of eggs that each provides unique sensations
  • All the same great features as the original eggs but now with 6 new textures
  • Even more aggressive and pleasureful than the original set
  • The most discreet style masturbator available (can hide in plain sight!)
  • Designed to be disposable but you can clean them to reuse as much as you would like
  • Made from hypo-allergenic TPE which is very soft, stretchy, and feels like real sex
  • Experience quick climax thanks to the geometric design that stimulates your penis like nothing you have felt before
  • Completely 100% waterproof 
  • Extremely stretchy so it fits pretty much all size penises
  • Includes a sample of Tenga Water-Based Lube
  • ONLY use water-based lube with these eggs



The great thing about the Tenga Egg Easy Beat set is that it gives you options and a variety.  Each time you go to jerk off, you get to experience something different and equally fun.  Each egg is individually wrapped so you don't have to worry about much of anything other than opening one when you are ready.

Tenga was smart enough to include a small sample size pouch of their water-based lubricant in each egg. It's just the perfect amount of lube to get you off.  Now we have to say this, Tenga Eggs are designed to be single-use, disposable masturbators.  Tenga does not recommend you use them more than once.  With that being said, people around the web constantly talk about how they use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and hot water on their eggs and they reuse them dozens of times.  If you choose to wash and re-use, do it at your own risk (not that there really is any risk)


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  • Tenga Easy Beat Hard Boiled Masturbator 6 Pack - Thicker Sleeves + New Textures


How To Use The Tenga Egg


Unwrap the hard shell egg wrapper and remove the sample of Tenga water-based lubricant.  Tear open the lubricant and squeeze the entire amount into the opening of the egg.  Place the egg over your penis and stroke in any way you desire.  The egg is stretchy enough to fit over any size penis.


Tenga Egg Size


  • Length - 2.08" (5.28 cm)
  • Width - 1.61" (4.1 cm)
  • Case Size - 4.92" x 6.89" x 2.95"



Weight: 340g

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