Bad Dragon Razor Details

A long-time favorite amongst newbies and the more experienced, Razor is a versatile dildo that belongs in every Bad Dragon collection.

Razor features a pointed tapered tip for easy insertion, with a long smooth shaft enhanced with a pronounced and bulbous knot. This delightful toy sits atop a new and highly detailed base and has the Bad Dragon logo subtlety on its side. Coinciding with the updated Razor, we are also featuring a fantastic brand new Natural color to purchase the Razor in. Its smaller, hand-sized base makes for excellent maneuverability, whether being used anally or vaginally.

Note: all Razor's purchased from Clearance or Made to Order (Custom pours) prior to the release date of 10/11/2019 will be made in the legacy version of Razor per the order and not the new and updated version.

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  • Lowest ever price: $55
  • Highest ever price: $65

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