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Tyson goes deep. A fantastic toy for depth play, Tyson possesses unique features you're sure to feel in all the right places. With a slight flare to his rather bulbous head, he's a great toy for thrusting, depth and all-around fun.

Continuing down his smooth, mildly textured surface, Tyson's moderate girth is the perfect balance of fulfillment and length. With a long, tapered shaft, he's perfect for anal or vaginal penetration and his subtle knot-like medial ring gives a nice ‘pop' that only enhances this unique toy. At its base, Tyson's width makes him easy to handle, and offers a nice texture for even more stimulation.

Go ahead, hop on, and give Tyson a try. We're sure you'll enjoy the ride.

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  • Highest ever price: $85

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