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Power Boss Battery Operated Auto Suction Penis Pump by Size Matters


If you're searching for maximum pumping pleasure and full-on suction power, look no further than the Power Boss Auto Suction Penis Pump by Size Matters. It's incredibly easy to use and will give you the thicker, wider dick that you've always wanted—all at the push of a button.

No manual pumping is necessary with this fully automatic miracle worker—just flick the switch and experience new-found confidence and sexual fulfillment. With no wires to get in the way, you'll get a clear view of the cylinder, and, with a ruler on the side, you can watch as your cock grows before your eyes.


Power Boss Auto Suction Penis Pump Features


  • Automatic penis suction and enhancement pump
  • Increase the size of your cock with minimal effort
  • Developed for noticeable size gains and enhanced pleasure
  • Ideal for anyone with erectile dysfunction
  • Soft and comfortable sleeve guaranteed to make pumping even more enjoyable
  • A perfect way to build stamina and staying power
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Features a quick-release mechanism for ease and safety
  • Tight enough for firm seal, but with sufficient flexibility to fit most men


Used regularly, the Power Boss Auto Suction Pump can improve the size of your cock even when it's not in the cylinder. It can also build up your stamina and staying power by training you to hold back and last longer—even when you're at your peak of enjoyment. This way, you'll experience intense, powerful orgasms that will shake you to your core.  

When you've reached your target size, simply press the power button to hold the pressure at your desired level and, if you go a bit too far too quickly, just hit the quick-release button. As well as offering peace of mind, the quick-release button also lets you get free of the pump and get down to some action while still showing off your incredible gains.

This electric penis pump comes with a removable sleeve for extra comfort—creating a heightened sensual experience that will super-charge your masturbation routine and send you into overdrive. Trust us when we tell you it's like no pump you've used before. Use with plenty of water-based lube and—as you slip your cock into the tight, moist sleeve—you'll have the most incredibly realistic pumping experience.

The Power Boss Auto Suction Pump has an electric motor that delivers incredible, effortless suction. Unlike some pumps, you only need one hand, so your other one is free to use for even more stimulation. Simply add two AA batteries (not included) to begin your size-gain journey and enjoy an even bigger, more powerful cock.  

Whichever way you use it, the Power Boss Auto Suction Pump will deliver the results you want while having plenty of fun too! We always recommend cleaning your penis pump with anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner once you're done—it will prolong its life and keep everything nice and hygienic. 


Power Boss Auto Suction Penis Pump Size


  • Total Length – 10.0'' (cm)
  • Insertable Length – 6.75'' (cm)
  • Inner Diameter – 2.5'' (cm)


Power Boss Auto Suction Penis Pump Color


  • Transparent (Red/White)  


Weight: 363g

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