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Zolo Lifelike Thrusting Masturbator for Men


One of the struggles men find during masturbation is that sometimes our hands and arms just get tired.  Vigorous jerking off, while feeling great can be tiresome.  Not to mention, when you don't have to actually stroke, the feelings and sensations are that much more realistic. It's for this exact reason that hands-free or thrusting masturbators have become extremely popular among us dudes.  Zolo masturbators caught wind of this and developed one of the most advanced and pleasureful strokers we've seen.  The Zolo Thrustbator is not just a fun name, its a sex toy that takes pleasure to the next level.


Thrustbator Features


  • Powerful 4-speed motor provides endless pleasure
  • The unique thrusting feature allows you to feel all the fun of sex without having to use your hands
  • Mimics the sensation of sliding in and out of a real vagina
  • Includes a realistic TPR vagina for lifelike sensations
  • 100% rechargeable with included USB charging cable
  • Enjoy the moaning and groaning of real women having sex with the included audio abilities
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold or can be used handsfree
  • Non-toxic | Phthalate-free | Body-safe


The high tech sex toy has a TPR vagina as the opening so sliding your rock hard dick inside feels insanely real.  The details on this tan sleeve are impeccable, starting with the clit and vagina lips and going into the realistic canal. Once you are fully inserted, that's where the real fun (and technology begins).

The heart and soul of the stroker is the 4-speed stroking motor built to be quiet enough that it can be used discreetly with people in the room next to you.  Each of the 4 speeds allows you to feel all of the realistic thrusting of sex without having to get an arm workout at the same time.   From slow intimate speeds to fast, balls to the wall sex, the Thrustbator has you covered.

Being lightweight, this toy can be held effortlessly or even put between the couch cushions for hands-free thrusting fun.  The powerful motor is 100% rechargeable so you don't have to waste time and money with old school batteries, simply plug in the included USB charging cable for a full charge.  Just in case that's not enough to take you flying over the edge, the Thrustbuster is packing a very sexy audio surprise. A separate button-shaped into a pair of lips starts up some orgasmic moaning, panting, and oral encouragement.

In body safe, phthalate free materials, the Thrustbuster cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water-based lube. Not rated for use in water.


Weight: 1361g

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