Intimate Earth Green Tea Tree Spray Toy Cleaner Details

Our same great formula but now available in a spray!! This one of a kind toy cleaner is infused with natural cleaning ingredients such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, and our company`s signature natural anti-bacterial ingredient Guava Bark. We offer a toy cleaner that is Triclosan and alcohol free, making it as gentle as possible on every type of toy material, as well as the human skin.

Safe to use on any kind of toy!!!


Weight: 154g

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Top reviews of the Intimate Earth Green Tea Tree Spray Toy Cleaner

February 27, 2023

Updated February 27, 2023

Material 5
Price/Performance 4
Style 5
Smell 5
Overall Satisfaction 5
Good scent

I personally like green tea scent, I would like to try the foaming one though to see if that or spray is better

July 28, 2023

Updated July 28, 2023

Material 5
Price/Performance 5
Style 5
Smell 4
Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Smells amazing but strong

Definitely one of the higher quality time cleaner product Skyviews I really enjoy the smell it because a lot of the flavor lubricants another product scion have a bit of a nauseating quality to them. This one does not have that at all. I smell is still a bit strong but it is satisfactory highly recommend it.

  1. Good size
  2. Good price
  3. Great smell
  4. Easy cleanup
  5. No stickiness
  1. Smell is quite strong
  2. Sometimes the bottle leaks
  3. NA
  4. NA
  5. NA

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