Lynk Pleasure Products Beginners EZ Pull Penis Pump with Trigger Grip by Lynk Pleasure Details

Beginners EZ Pull Penis Pump with Trigger Grip

Lynk Pleasure has developed quite a reputation in the male enhancement industry with its top quality products that get the job done.  The trend started with their ultra-popular beginner's penis pump and carries through to this next level pump which is the Beginners EZ Pull Penis Pump with Trigger Grip.  The EZ Pull Pump is very similar in style with the Beginner's pump with just enough differences to give it an entirely new identity.




  • A perfect alternative penis pump for beginners and even advanced users
  • The EZ Pull trigger grip is the most comfortable and efficient pump available
  • Upgraded trigger grip provides an easy and seamless pull for maximum efficiency
  • Reduce pain in your hand and wrist from using older bulb style pumps
  • Includes a body-safe Platinum cured silicone penis pump sleeve
  • The cylinder is easy to hold thanks to the textured hand grooves


Penis pumps are a very personal item and that goes for the particulars of each pump as well. Every one of us might have a different opinion about what we like and dont like in a pump but as fortune goes, it seems that most men prefer the precision style trigger grip for their penis pumps.  The style of grip included in this pump kit has a T style trigger which is very comfortable and easy to use.  The last thing you want is a hand cramp right in the middle of pumping.  Right where the tube meets the grip, you will find the easy to use quick-release valve which is the perfect safety feature for a powerful pump like this.

The crystal clear pump cylinder is extremely comfortable to hold thanks to the textured side grips that are perfect for single-handed use.  Made from rugged acrylic, the pump can stand up to a beating and keep on getting the job done.  The 10.75-inch cylinder is the perfect size for most men. It should give you more than enough room to grow. At the base of the pump, you will find the removable silicone penis pump sleeve that, when used with Lynk Pleasure Water Based Lube, will provide the perfect air-tight seal.  Just what you need to maximize your cock pumping. 

Always keep your hygiene high when using penis pumps and other adult products. Use hot water and an antibacterial sex toy cleaner for the best results.  The pump is going to take care of you so you should take care of it!


Penis Pump Size


  • Length - 10.75''
  • Insertable Length - 7.75''
  • Internal Diameter - 2.5''


Whats the pump made of


  • Air Pump Cylinder - Clear Acrylic
  • Penis Pump Sleeve - Platinum Silicone


    Weight: 340g

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