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This is one toy that will never leave you dry. Whether it's stimulating your g-spot with its pointed tip, tickling you with its tantalizing ridges, or leaving you fulfilled with its hefty bulge, Spritz is sure to deliver endless waves of pleasure.

Whether you're using its finger-like tip for external stimulation or to gently pry you open, you'll quickly notice its delicious ridges. Working your way toward the depths of this incredible toy, you'll feel the stretch and challenge of its delightful bulge. Feel it slide in and fill you up as it makes its way even deeper, stroking your g-spot or p-spot.

Perfectly proportioned for use in depth play, both anally and vaginally, take the plunge and bring home Spritz today. For even more wet fun, add a cumtube to your toy.

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  • Lowest ever price: $75
  • Highest ever price: $85

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