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Kissa Sins doesn't have the typical profile of a pornstar you may find on Pornhub.  She was born in California but spent much of her childhood in Canada.  She did not get her start in the porn business until later than most girls and when she did finally hit the adult entertainment spotlight, she was destined for stardom.  She knows how to push the limit with her daring and adventuresome sexual escapades. Having been nominated and awarded several XXX accolades including those of XBIZ and AVN acclaim, Kissa, who is known for her hardcore and downright wild performances continues to push the envelope. Whether she is softly partaking in a sensual and romantic rendezvous or being spanked and banged by multiple dudes at one time, Kissa enjoys every single encounter. There is no stopping this thirty-something beauty who loves eating ass more than anyone we have ever known.  What will YOU do with your Kissa Sins Fleshlight?

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Top reviews of the Fleshlight Kissa Sins (Insatiable / Lady)

Material 5
Price/Performance 5
Ease of Use 5
Suction Effect 1
Realism 4
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 5
Lube Efficiency 5
Ease of Cleanup 5
Drying Quickness 5
Texture Intensity 5
Texture Stimulation 5
Texture Penetration 5
Texture Tightness 4
Texture Variation 4.5
Texture Smoothness 2
Style 3.5
Smell 5
Softness 5
Durability 5
Discreet 2.5
Packaging 2.5
Versatility 2.5
Malleability 5
Storage/Hiding 3.5
Weight 1
Overall Satisfaction 5
An Outstanding Masturbator

I've owned about a dozen Fleshlights. This one is my all time favorite for multiple reasons. The entrance is incredibly intense. Sometimes I just go in and out of the first inch for the majority of my session. The first inch is like a fine mesh texture that gets tighter quickly, which kind of keeps. you from popping into the next chamber. The next chamber is an even finer texture arranged in a sphere with very small bumps, which also stops you from popping into the next chamber. With practice, I can stay in each of these first two chambers almost as long as I want. The next sections are a bit of a blur. I can barely tell what's going on in there, but depending on which way I hold it, I can feel tons of texture either on the frenulum, the tip, or the top of my dick. It is also one of the only Fleshlights I own that I can thrust very quickly and deeply with, and doesn't make me numb. Overall, it is a work of art!


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