Cal Exotics Optimum Big Man's Extra Large Penis Pump Details

With a colossal 12 inch cylinder and three interchangeable donuts, this extra-large penis pump will accommodate even the most well endowed. With an easy-squeezy hand pump and release valve, the Optimum Series offers intense suction and optimum safety. The pump comes with three removable donuts, which cushion the pump comfortably against your body. They come in medium, large and extra large, each in a different bright colour for simple selection. To use, attach the hand pump to the cylinder, coat your chosen donut with water-based lubricant and slide your erection inside. To add suction, squeeze the hand pump to create a vacuum over your penis. Press the release button to remove. With regular use, you could experience a larger, thicker erection, however, results do vary. The cylinder measures 12 inches in length, with 2. 5 inches of diameter.

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