Pipedream Real Feel Vibrating Penis Girth Enhancer with Ball Loop Details

Widen your weiner without compromising on feeling thanks to this chunky, real-feel sleeve. Not only does the thick material boost your girth, it's also fitted with a mini bullet vibrator to give intensified stimulation to you and your partner. Because it's open at the tip, you can discover the benefits of substantially increased size while still being stimulated by your partner. The loop holding the single-speed bullet is also nubbed to deliver spine-tingling massages to your lover during wear - really, everyone's a winner. Using this wide wonder is easy. Just slick the inside with water-based lube, gently slide it over your penis (allowing the open end to sit just behind the head), and tuck your balls through the sturdy ball loop for improved hold.


Color(s): Fleshtone

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