Pipedream Gladiator Inflatable Male Sex Doll with 7 Inch Realistic Dildo 34.7oz Details

If your ideal man has defined abs, a tongue that never tires, and a hard-on that just won't quit, then we think we may have found him. This Gladiator sex doll gives long nights of rampant Roman romping (even if you do have to pump him up first). Offering a soft-but-stimulating vibrating tongue, a 7 inch realistic dildo penis, and a tight anal opening, this inflatable champion measures 59 inches from head to toe and is made from PVC with printed muscles and pubic hair detail. His sexy face with printed features includes a soft vibrating tongue made from a firm, flexible jelly rubber that's perfect for rimming and other penetrative play, while his rod is made from ultra-realistic material. The dildo contains a vibrator for additional stimulation, and slots into an O-ring in the crotch. Should you prefer, this is also compatible with other flared-base dildos for varied sensation. A man that leaves you breathless is all well and good, but to save your lungs when it comes to inflating your hero, we would recommend the purchase of an electric air pump for ease of inflation and deflation.


Color(s): Fleshtone

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