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Meet the penis pump set that keeps on giving. Featuring two cylinders, this set lets you size up your results, potentially enhancing sensitivity and growth over time. The set provides superior suction, designed to make your erection look and feel larger. To use, attach the hand pump to the smaller cylinder, coat the rim with water-based lubricant and slide your erection inside. To add suction, use the powerful Master Grip hand pump to create a vacuum over your penis. Press the release button to remove. With regular use, you could experience enhanced erection size, and with this two-cylinder set your results can continue to improve. When you've maxed out the first, move onto the larger cylinder for even more pump potential. Both of the cylinders have internal lengths of 9. 5 inches. The larger of the two measures 2. 75 inches in diameter, while the smaller cylinder measures 2. 25 inches in diameter. Results may vary.

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